Authentic products designed and made around the world.


Why not hear it directly from the founder? BFF interviewed the founder.

1. What is Sacsons?

“Sacsons is an independent private company based in Sydney, Australia that showcases high quality products designed and made around the world from reputable companies.”

2. Why did you start Sacsons?

“I love good quality products. The journey l have with a product is a time capsule. You see after a certain time l fall in love with it because when l look at it l remember…ooh! that lovely beach and that lovely moment l had or maybe not so lovely haha but it’s still a memory. It still came along with me on my journey of life and l remember my life just by looking at it. It’s nice to have products that last a significant period of time. There is something beautiful about that.

Sacsons filters out billions of products and selects the best ones for people”

3. Do you care where things are made?

“Where, that’s the keyword there. It has many meanings in this context.

‘Where’ can be a place where a company produces inferior quality products. So l won’t feel propelled to buy that particular product.

‘Where’ makes me question how l place my ethics within a company. In particular the individuals working within that company who are employed to stitch, paint, cut, smell, and basically work to craft the product l will buy.

Another notion of ‘where’ includes factors like the sustainability of that product. The environmental impact a product has, the potential chemicals used? the materials used? Also the ingredients used. Where do they come from?

So there are so many elements that contribute to where a product is made and how l make my decision on whether or not l wish to purchase it. Now the geographical location of  where a product is of course the most obvious thought which comes to mind however it is not the only one. So, from all these factors my answer is yes, l care where a product is made.

4. Are you willing to pay more for locally made products?

“If the level of value deserves the price tag then yes l am willing to pay more for one product over another. The value of a product is subjective to everyone. Everything has a value and that value is determined by the individual.

For me ,as l mentioned earlier the way l value a product takes into account many factors not just the quality of a product or where it is made.

For example. I may find two sneakers which l really like, and they share the same price and the quality is on par. Which will l choose? I’ll look at other factors that may not be so tangible in my hands but tangible in the hands of my ‘neighbour ‘whether that be here in Australia or overseas.”

5. Do you only buy Australian made products?

“I love to support Australian producers because l live here. So l will first seek a local producer for whatever l need to buy. If l find an Australian producer that suits my needs l will buy locally or regionally. However, if l cannot find a local producer l will seek a product made elsewhere.”

6. Who uses Sacsons?

“There is a growing number of people questioning their purchase power and how it effects their lives, the next generation, their suburb, city, and country.

There is always a niche market looking for locally made products that are unique in aesthetics and quality. Not to mention products made by companies and places in the world renowned for certain skills or materials. And also, there are many people that just don’t want a product that is mass produced.

Another interesting sector is the beaut and body care product industry. People are looking more than ever before at the health effects these products have on them. With the advancement of technology and communication mediums it is easier than ever to find different options out there. Sacsons is one of them.

It’s certainly an exciting time for the next generation.”

7. What is your favourite product from Sacsons?

“l’m going to pick Red back brown work boots. Because l own a pair and can speak from experience. They are the oldest pair of shoes l own. My dad bought them for me when l was 21 as a birthday present. I’m in my mid 30’s! haha. That’s value for money and quality. I should take a pic of me modelling in them haha.

Can l also pick another product? The EZ-DUZ-IT can opener. It is such a good can opener! That can opener was one of the light bulb moments l thought of starting Sacsons actually. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when l decided to set up Sacsons but that definitely a relevant one. I bought 3 can openers in 1 year that kept failing and literally falling apart. I decided to research the best can openers available anywhere and everywhere. And that’s the one l found. That was maybe 7 years ago. Still works incredibly well. Still looks amazing.”

7.5 Why Sacsons? Where did that name come from?

“This is not 7 questions now haha. My dad had a dog when he was young, around his mid 20’s called Sacson. A rough collie. I saw polaroid pictures of him looking so young. The photos are vintage looking now and faded as they would be haha. Something about that time was very cool and carefree.

Anyhow, I always liked that name and thought it was very unique. So l picked it. But, if l was to analyse it haha maybe a part of me was after the adventure my dad looked like he was always having in those photos with Sacson.”