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What is SLS? Where is it found?  Is it harmful?
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What is SLS
SLS is also known as Sodium Luaryl Sulfate (SLS). It is a type of detergent and foaming agent.

What products is SLS found in?
SLS is most commonly found in cleaning, beauty and body care products such as laundry detergents, shampoos, soaps, facial cleansers.

Why is SLS used in these products?
SLS is a foaming agent. SLS creates the froth/foam/lather in the products it is added to.

Why do companies use it?
It is one of the cheapest ingredients that can create foam and lather. Most people believe the more a product foams the cleaner and more effective the product is for this reason most companies continue to use it as an ingredient. SLS is low priced ingredient.

Is SLS harmful to humans? Should you avoid SLS?
SLS is an ingredient which has garnered a great amount of negative attention in the past decade.

Short term studies on SLS appears to be ok however, long term clinical studies have shown  unfavourable links to cancer, allergies, cell mutation and other harmful consequences. Since most people brush their teeth every day. Sacsons has decided to be on the safer side and avoid toothpaste that uses SLS.

We recommend our users conduct their own personal research into this particular ingredient to decide if this ingredient is one they choose to avoid.