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French Beret. Laulhere. Made in France

Authentic Beret. Made in the last Factory in France

The first berets come from Laulhère. This French owned company still has it’s original factory that has been around for 175 years in Oloron-St-Marie, France. Sadly it is the last beret factory in France. A unique brand with very unique and high quality products. Let France come to you!

The beret is still a fashion accessory that can be reinvented with any outfit. The humble hat is an accessory that can completely reflect the wearers mood. It can say it all.

Béret Plume
– Base in 100% cotton
– Headband in satin stretch
– Satin interior
– Available in 7 colours and 3 sizes.

Made in France.

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NEW VINTAGE: Toy Sailing Boat. Tirot. Made in France

Toy sailing yachts= Beautiful memory maker.

has been making children’s toys in France since 1946. It has been handed down for management from grandfather to father to son. It is based in Brittany, France.  They are woodwork experts in toy sailing boats.  Approximately 13 000 boats go out every year from the Tirot factory to be sold in France and abroad.

This toy sailing boat is beautiful little boat. It has the quality to be a hand me down in the future. Some people buy these boats for photo opportunities with the kids. But even for the adults the child escape in them. Place it in the bath tub, pool or lake or bay. This beauty doesn’t need much wind to sail. It’s well constructed and all the materials are of quality. A very good old fashioned memory maker to say the least.

Handmade wooden toy sailing boat red 501
Material : All wood used is sustainably harvested from locally sourced from local forests in Brittany, France.
Length: 35cm
Height: 48cm

Made in France.

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Leather Handbags Made in France. Bleu de Chauffe

Artisan handmade genuine leather handbags

There are not many independent artisan companies in France that make their own bags and make them in leather. Here is one true gem.

Bleu De Chauffe is makes all their bags and accessories with real leather and in France. Each bag is dated and signed by the artisan. Their bags are not just leather goods. They are really nice leather goods. You can really feel the luxury softness and quality in their products.

Their products are for life. They are an ecological conscious company and they use natural tanning agents and the Bleu de chauffe tannery in Aveyron takes huge are of the water released into the nearby river. Ensuring it is just as pure as it was before using. This company makes it very easy for us to support.

This bag is called the ‘Fawn’ It has been inspired by the classic French postman bag. It comes in 3 other colours. They deliver Worldwide!

Made in Aveyron, France.

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