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NEW VINTAGE : Tabu Eau De Cologne. Made in USA

We stumbled upon this fragrance in our archives. Perfumes can be very pricey but there are some very affordable alternatives that might surprise you.

Tabu was created in the 1931 and experienced a resurgence in the 1980s-90s. We wonder how many of our viewers remember this perfume advertisement of the woman with the violin and the man passionately kissing her.

TABU. Eau De Cologne so not as strong as a Eau De perfume but the scent is very intense so this might be a better choice. The scent notes of Tabu are orange and spices with base notes being primarily woody. Initially it is has a strong spicy scent followed by clove undertones.

For those who are not fussed with mixing perfumes this Eau De Cologne smells amazing when sprayed in unison with with a low toned vanilla perfume.

Made in USA

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