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NEW VINTAGE: Toy Sailing Boat. Tirot. Made in France

Toy sailing yachts= Beautiful memory maker.

has been making children’s toys in France since 1946. It has been handed down for management from grandfather to father to son. It is based in Brittany, France.  They are woodwork experts in toy sailing boats.  Approximately 13 000 boats go out every year from the Tirot factory to be sold in France and abroad.

This toy sailing boat is beautiful little boat. It has the quality to be a hand me down in the future. Some people buy these boats for photo opportunities with the kids. But even for the adults the child escape in them. Place it in the bath tub, pool or lake or bay. This beauty doesn’t need much wind to sail. It’s well constructed and all the materials are of quality. A very good old fashioned memory maker to say the least.

Handmade wooden toy sailing boat red 501
Material : All wood used is sustainably harvested from locally sourced from local forests in Brittany, France.
Length: 35cm
Height: 48cm

Made in France.

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Children’s Beach Robes. Terry Rich. Made in Australia

Towelling Beach Robes for Children

Terry Rich is a Sydney base owned and operated business making high quality beachwear, surfwear goods for adults and children.

This hooded towel robe is perfect for the pool, beach or home. It’s easy for children to change in after a swim and allows them to discreetly cover up. They are made from a towel material so they keep the user warm while getting changed.They are made from 100% cotton toweling fabric which makes them soft, warm & absorbent.

Boys Surf Poncho | Changing Robe | Navy
100% Cotton. Large kangaroo pockets for accessories plus to keep hands warm.They are available in five graded sizes.

Made in Australia.

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Bottle Opener. Westmark. Made in Germany

The best multi purpose bottle opener.

Westmark is a German company established in 1956 . They design and manufactures high quality kitchen gadgets for the home. Their products are made from quality materials backed with a Westmark gurantee.

This particular bottle opener: Hermetus is an efficient one of a kind tool that will pop open a bottle cap, reseal a bottle to preserve carbonation and assist you in opening a twist off cap.

Westmark Germany Hermetus Steel 3-in-1 Re-sealer Beer Bottle Opener.
Made from Stainless Steel, 3 in 1 is a beer cap lifter, screw cap opener and bottle sealer, it has a rubberised surface creates an air-tight sealing of the bottle, 5 year Westmark guarantee

Made in Germany.

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Hand Press Juicer. Renmark. Made in Germany

Citrus juicer

What is the best juicer for home use? A good open is a manual hand juicer. They are super quick and easy way to juice any citrus. There is little mess and clean up, no need for electricity, and most of all very easy to store. They are great for squeezing lemons, limes, grapefruit, oranges and more.

Renmark is a high quality German kitchenware company producing some of the best kitchen accessories in the world. They are known for high quality craftsmanship that result in reliable goods with long warranty.

Westmark Germany Multipurpose Manual Citrus and Juice Press (Yellow/Grey).
High quality polypropylene with a heavy cast aluminum base and handle, easy to use product ergonomic handle and a pouring spout, dishwasher safe, 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

Made in Germany.

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Japanese Kitchen Knives. Made in japan

What knives do chefs use?

There are a few factors which answer this question. A big factor when choosing a knife is weight. If are working all day holding an object you need it to be light in weight, and ergonomic. Western knives tend to be a little heavier than Japanese knives. Edge retention and ease of sharpening/ maintenance is another factor. Japanese steel tends to maintain sharpness for longer however it depends on the steel composition.

Yoshihiro has been around for more than 100 years. They are makers of luxury, high-quality knives. Their knives are handcrafted and not mass produced. Yoshihiro knives have exceptional sharpness, edge retention, and durability. It is a premium brand in the world of knives.

Yoshihiro VG-10 Hammered Damascus, HAA Japanese Chef’s Knife/Gyuto Mahogany Handle (210mm/8.3″). Blade length 210mm/8.3″.  It has perfect aesthetics and functionality. No wonder it is a well known best seller in Japan. 16 layer Damascus steel gives this knife a soft and luxury appeal and it also keeps this knife sharper for longerThe hammered texture on this knife will keep things from sticking to the blade. It has a lovely ergonomic grip on the mahogany handle. A simply timeless and perfect design.

Made in Japan.

At the time of viewing this product was aud$218.94
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Waverley Mills. Wool Throw. made in australia

Waverly Mills is the oldest wool mill in Australia. Since 1874 they have been keeping Australia warm. They are a sustainable company and have an impressive ethos to their impact on the environment, community and the economy. For example, For over 140 years, Waverley Mills has used natural fibres which are biodegradable, recyclable, and a natural resource, and for 50 years, Waverley Mills was powered by hydro-electricity from nearby Distillery Creek in Launceston, Tasmania. This product is Made in Australia. 100% Tasmanian Merino super fine wool. Herringbone inspired pattern. It has a lifetime warranty. Available in several colours. View this product and price here. 


EZ-DUZ-IT Can Opener. Made in America

The best can opener. In the world.

Get off that merry go round of can openers that fall apart or cut you.
If you are after an old-fashioned can opener with quality that will last you a lifetime  this is it. You will never need to buy another tin opener again.

As the name implies it is super smooth and easy to use. It effortlessy cuts tins or cans (which ever word you use).

It’s perfect for everyone, but especially people who don’t have a lot of hand strength. The handles are of good size with a black plastic coating for grip. It uses old fashioned gear driven operation and is made from Chrome plated carbon steel.

Made in the USA.

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