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Brass Whistle Keyring. Acme Whistles. Made in England

New Vintage: Brass Key Ring

Not many companies can date back to the late 1800’s. They have been producing high quality whistles for more than a century. Their selection of whistles is broad too. We particularly like this vintage replica dating back to the early 1900’s. The material is beautiful and it makes for a very classy key ring that will out live the user.

Company. ‘Acme Whistles’
– Founded 1870
– All whistles are manufactured in their Birmingham Factory.

Product. Metropolitan 15 ↑ Broad Arrow 1914
– Material. Brass
– Exact replica of the Original ‘Trench’ whistle used by infantry officers in World War 1.They are produced using the original tools and dies dated back from between 1914 & 1918.

Made in England

Price. £17.49
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2019 Planner Diary. Retro Vintage. Made in America



Retro styled linen planner

Shinola was named after the defunct shoe shine brand factory that was once in Detroit, USA. They make super cool vintage come new again bicycles. When it comes to leather skills and vintage style Shinola is a one stop shop. Unique products that we will continue to feature.

Company. ‘Shinola’
– Founded in 2011
Based in Detroit, USA
– The produce high quality/luxury watches, bicycles, and leather goods.

Product. 12 Month Runwell Planner
– Materials. Linen hardcover, US sourced materials from sustainably managed American forests.
– Smyth-sewn binding that improves the planner’s durability and overall lifespan.
– Features a weekly format, month at a glance, historical facts, moon phases and ruled pages for notes in the back.
– Available in 4 colours

Origin. Made in United States

Shipping. International shipping available

Price. usd$22.000
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NEW VINTAGE : Tabu Eau De Cologne. Made in USA

We stumbled upon this fragrance in our archives. Perfumes can be very pricey but there are some very affordable alternatives that might surprise you.

Tabu was created in the 1931 and experienced a resurgence in the 1980s-90s. We wonder how many of our viewers remember this perfume advertisement of the woman with the violin and the man passionately kissing her.

TABU. Eau De Cologne so not as strong as a Eau De perfume but the scent is very intense so this might be a better choice. The scent notes of Tabu are orange and spices with base notes being primarily woody. Initially it is has a strong spicy scent followed by clove undertones.

For those who are not fussed with mixing perfumes this Eau De Cologne smells amazing when sprayed in unison with with a low toned vanilla perfume.

Made in USA

At the time of viewing this product was usd$11.98
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NEW VINTAGE: Toy Sailing Boat. Tirot. Made in France

Toy sailing yachts= Beautiful memory maker.

has been making children’s toys in France since 1946. It has been handed down for management from grandfather to father to son. It is based in Brittany, France.  They are woodwork experts in toy sailing boats.  Approximately 13 000 boats go out every year from the Tirot factory to be sold in France and abroad.

This toy sailing boat is beautiful little boat. It has the quality to be a hand me down in the future. Some people buy these boats for photo opportunities with the kids. But even for the adults the child escape in them. Place it in the bath tub, pool or lake or bay. This beauty doesn’t need much wind to sail. It’s well constructed and all the materials are of quality. A very good old fashioned memory maker to say the least.

Handmade wooden toy sailing boat red 501
Material : All wood used is sustainably harvested from locally sourced from local forests in Brittany, France.
Length: 35cm
Height: 48cm

Made in France.

At the time of viewing this product was €57.92

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Trucker vintage caps. Viberg. Made in Canada

Canadian made vintage trucker caps.

Remember the real trucker hats from the 1960’s-1970s? Before stationary branding was what companies gave to their business partners and customers these guys were given away to farmers in the 1960s. Now, these days there are copies of this hat and there aren’t copies.

Viberg has been around since 1931. They are makers of high-quality shoes and accessories.

Trucker Hat Gold. Viberg found a factory in Canada to make the trucker hat exactly as it was made back in the day. This factory started the engines up again to reproduce this super cool hat. Buy a piece of history. This trucker hat is one size fits all.

Made in Canada

At the time of viewing this product was usd$45
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