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Leather Boots. Redback Boots. Made in Australia

100% Australian made leather boots Redback boots are the last left work boot company that manufacturer all their boots in Australia. They make versatile boots that can be used for work or even as city boots. Their boots are built to be very durable and long lasting. The outsole is slip-resistance and supportive for all-day […]

White Leather Sneakers. Oliver Cabell. Made in Spain, Italy

Low 1 | White This is one of the most transparent footwear companies you will come across. For example. The leather used for this particular shoe is so silky smooth. It doesn’t have that ‘cheap, rough or bumpy’ leather texture which some leather sneakers might have.  Their products are made from very high-quality materials that are […]

Rain Boots Designed in England Made in Europe

STYLISH & PRACTICAL RUBBER BOOTS  That moment you feel your toes are wet. The splitting of the rubber in rubber boots is a major cause of the rubber boot leaks and isn’t it the worst when it happens. Low rubber content in boots is the primary reason for splitting. Low-cost rubber boots have less rubber […]

Thongs made in Australia. Thongs Australia

NO MORE BLOWOUTS Company. ‘Thongs Australia’ – 100% Australian made and owned thongs company – Thongs Australia sells 2 styles of thongs with a 12 month gurantee and a promise of no blowouts. (For the non Australian viewers a ‘blow out’ is when the thong center piece detaches from the thong base). They have received […]

Leather Sandals. Birkenstocks. Made in Germany

Light blue coloured suede leather sandals, white sole. You probably remember Birkenstock’s with a dark grey, brown or black sole. These navy Arizona styled sandals featuring a white super grip sole. A classic summer uplifting look. You don’t see many of these around! Perfect staple pair or sandals for 2019 summer in Australia. Arizona Suede […]

TRENDS: Metallic Boots. Penelope Chilvers. Made in Spain.

Metallic boots. Made in Spain  There are boots and there are metallic boots. The new season of metallic boots features a more subtle shine with an awesome collage of colours in unique patterns. Wear with. A perfect match with a simple denim skirt, and a hooded jacket. Or black tights, or denim jeans and a sherpa jacket. Whichever […]