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Leather Boots. Redback Boots. Made in Australia

100% Australian made leather boots Redback boots are the last left work boot company that manufacturer all their boots in Australia. They make versatile boots that can be used for work or even as city boots. Their boots are built to be very durable and long lasting. The outsole is slip-resistance and supportive for all-day […]

Rain Boots Designed in England Made in Europe

STYLISH & PRACTICAL RUBBER BOOTS  That moment you feel your toes are wet. The splitting of the rubber in rubber boots is a major cause of the rubber boot leaks and isn’t it the worst when it happens. Low rubber content in boots is the primary reason for splitting. Low-cost rubber boots have less rubber […]

TRENDS: Metallic Boots. Penelope Chilvers. Made in Spain.

Metallic boots. Made in Spain  There are boots and there are metallic boots. The new season of metallic boots features a more subtle shine with an awesome collage of colours in unique patterns. Wear with. A perfect match with a simple denim skirt, and a hooded jacket. Or black tights, or denim jeans and a sherpa jacket. Whichever […]

Leather Chelsea Boot. RM Williams. Made in Australia

There is a quaint South Australian town that goes by the name of Jamestown, South Australia. If you ever drive through it you are probably on route to or from Adelaide. You might not think there is something to write home about. However, this humble and peaceful town prepared the Australian bush legend, Reginald Murray Williams […]