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Leather Boots. Redback Boots. Made in Australia

100% Australian made leather boots

Redback boots are the last left work boot company that manufacturer all their boots in Australia. They make versatile boots that can be used for work or even as city boots. Their boots are built to be very durable and long lasting. The outsole is slip-resistance and supportive for all-day wear.

Company. ‘Redback’
Founder. Stanley, Bill and John Cloros
– Founded in the early 1920’s
-100% Australian made and owned boot company

Product. ‘Bonsall’
– Colour. Claret Oil Kip
– Material. Full grain leather upper
– Height. 6.000000 in
– Outsole. Thermo Plastic Poly-Urethane
– 2.7mm thick leather resists chemicals and acids

Origin. Made in Australia

Shipping. International shipping available. 

Price. aud$139.00
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Thongs made in Australia. Thongs Australia



Company. Thongs Australia’
– 100% Australian made and owned thongs company
– Thongs Australia sells 2 styles of thongs with a 12 month gurantee and a promise of no blowouts. (For the non Australian viewers a ‘blow out’ is when the thong center piece detaches from the thong base). They have received very good reviews.

Product. The Classic Black/Womens
– Material. Natural rubber
– Gurantee. 12 month guarantee
– Women’s version has a slightly slimmer sole & is lighter weight.

Origin. Made in Australia

Shipping. Australia only

Price. aud$39.95
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Leather Chelsea Boot. RM Williams. Made in Australia

There is a quaint South Australian town that goes by the name of Jamestown, South Australia. If you ever drive through it you are probably on route to or from Adelaide. You might not think there is something to write home about.

However, this humble and peaceful town prepared the Australian bush legend, Reginald Murray Williams was born. A man with many self-taught and learned skills. A bushman, a skilled leatherworker, a true pioneer.  It’s hard to give enough respect for these boots still made in Australia.

A well-deserved name: ‘The Craftsman’ has a Chelsea boot design, 100% leather, sewn welt plain non-slip composition sole and comfort innersole.

Made in Australia

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