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06 August 2019


Le Marche, Italy

6 x Made in Italy Sneaker Brands

No competition in the world has managed to surpass the quality of the ‘Made in Italy’ sneaker brand.
For decades the Italian shoe production reputation has maintained the admiration and envy of other shoe producers. The competition has no doubt imrpoved immensly but Italy will always hold the title of being the luxury shoe craftsman.

We go through 7 sneaker brands that currently made all or a selection of sneakers in Italy. Some of the brands are designed elsewhere in the world but have chosen Italy to craft their designs.

Established. 2008
Alexis Lafont
Paris, France
Caulain Court products.
Leather sneakers, leather boots, dress shoes, and leather goods
Sneakers made in Italy

It doesn’t take long to realise Caulain Court sneakers are makers of luxury sneakers. Materials used include calfskin, merino sheep wool lining. Caulain Court sneakers are artisan shoes designed in France and hand made in Italy. Caulain Court also showcases derbies, boots, small leather accessories, loafers, espadrilles, and custom made shoes. They have a selection of more than 10 lasts for their shoes and more than 5 construction types. This brand is for the true sneaker connoisseur.


Established. 2013
Founder. Melissa Butera
Location. Melbourne, Australia
Products. Leather sneakers and leather goods
Made in Le Marche, Italy

Founded and based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The founder of Department of Finery has had several years of experience working in the shoe business before launching DOF in 2013. They produce sneakers, boots and sandals with an ever expanding array of styles to choose from. Their sneaker styles vary greatly from leopard prints to minimal trendy white leather sneakers.


Established. 1948
Founder. Marcello Danieli
Location. Caerano di San Marco, Italy
Products. Footwear, Sportswear, Accessories
Diadora has a selection of sneakers made in Caerano di San Marco, Italy

Diadora first released a mountain climbing boot in the 1950s. The company grew for its success and expanded to tennis and running shoes. They have recently experienced a revival in their sneakers and currently have a collection made in Italy.


Established. 2013
Founder. Ryan Babenzien
Location. Brooklyn, New York, USA
Products. Leather sneakers and leather goods
Sneakers Made in Italy

Greats sneakers designed in New York, USA and made in Italy. They initially only stocked sneakers for men but expanded their range to include women’s sizes. Their signature sneakers are the Royale Low Top. They are also are rare sneaker brand which offers half sizes on many styles. The name Greats originated directly from trying to find a brand name from that particular word and then choosing that very word itself.


Established. 2014
Founders. Chris Wichert and Johannes Quodt
Location. New York, USA
KOIO products. Leather sneakers and leather goods for men and women
All KOIO sneakers are made in Marche, Italy

Made from calfskin leathers in the famous area of Marche, Italy, KOIO offer the classic set of staple sneakers for everyone. Their styles are smart-casual-elegant and they have a steady design supply of plain coloured sneakers in addition to material differences such as metallic, perforated and also new styles. For example, they recently released retro-styled runners. KOIO sneakers are designed in New York, USA and made in Italy.


Established. 2012

Founders. Enrico Casati, Jacopo Sebastio
Location. Milan, Italy
Velasca products. Leather sneakers and shoes for men
Sneakers made in Italy

Velasca has a very wide men’s shoe range from boots, sneakers, loafers, monk-straps, and dress shoes. Established by 2 friends in Italy, Velasca is named after the Velasca Tower in Milan. Whereby the 2 founders were having coffee looking at the tower and thought of starting a shoe brand. Their sneakers range in more than 5 elegant and smart casual styles. Sneakers are made from full-grain leather or suede leather in many colours.



Leather Boots. Redback Boots. Made in Australia

100% Australian made leather boots Redback boots are the last left work boot company that manufacturer all their boots in Australia. They make versatile boots that can be used for work or even as city boots. Their boots are built to be very durable and long lasting. The outsole is slip-resistance and supportive for all-day […]
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Davids Natural Toothpaste. Made in USA

100% Natural Toothpaste It took the founder of David’s Natural Toothpaste 4 years to find the best natural ingredients to safely and effectively fight to remove plaque, whiten teeth, and freshen breath. This toothpaste has taken off world wide with many positive reviews across many platforms.  This is an outstanding company that ticks all of […]
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Brass Whistle Keyring. Acme Whistles. Made in England

New Vintage: Brass Key Ring Not many companies can date back to the late 1800’s. They have been producing high quality whistles for more than a century. Their selection of whistles is broad too. We particularly like this vintage replica dating back to the early 1900’s. The material is beautiful and it makes for a […]
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Natural Daily Moisturiser. Carina Organics. Made in Canada

100% Natural Moisturiser Carina Organics is a Canadian gem. They specialise in certified organic plant, vegetable, and fruit extracts. Their products are completely free from harmful chemicals. They are also EWG verified and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products. If you do not like the product in any way you can it send it back […]
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White Leather Sneakers. Oliver Cabell. Made in Spain, Italy

Low 1 | White This is one of the most transparent footwear companies you will come across. For example. The leather used for this particular shoe is so silky smooth. It doesn’t have that ‘cheap, rough or bumpy’ leather texture which some leather sneakers might have.  Their products are made from very high-quality materials that are […]
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100% Genuine Leather Tote Handbags. Cuyana. Made in Argentina

Stylish totes made from genuine leather Company. ‘Cuyana’ – Makers of quality yet affordable bags, leather goods, accessories and Clothing. – ‘Cuyana’ means love in Quecha. One of the languages of indigenous native South American people particularly of Ecuador and Peru. The Founders of Cuyana are of Ecuadorian ethnicity. – Designed in San Francisco Product. Classic […]
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2019 Planner Diary. Retro Vintage. Made in America

Retro styled linen planner Shinola was named after the defunct shoe shine brand factory that was once in Detroit, USA. They make super cool vintage come new again bicycles. When it comes to leather skills and vintage style Shinola is a one stop shop. Unique products that we will continue to feature. Company. ‘Shinola’ – Founded […]
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Certified Organic Skincare. Antipodes. Made in New Zealand

Moisturiser: 100% Ingredients Natural Origin Antipodes is used by a range of high profile celebrities around the world. This company has an impressive ethical record and ethos and is one of the few brands in New Zealand that is organically CERTIFIED. Which, in the very large world of organic products is a diamond to find. […]
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