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Bottle opener keychain made in St Luis, USA.

Did you know that if you pierce a can and create an air vent at the back of aluminum cans you will get an amazing pour every time?!
Snake bite Co is based in St. Louis, Missouri USA. They specialise in high quality leather bottle key chain openers. Every detail in their products has been carefully handcrafted & assembled in their factory so you can be sure to know that your key ring will last a very long time.

They have their 2 year anniversary¬† so we thought we’d feature their new celebratory edition.

Anniversary Edition: Midnight and Copper Snake Bite Keychain Bottle Opener

– Patented carbon steel triple copper plated tool
– Midnight black colored leather are hand-finished with a blend of natural waxes.
– MMXV (2015) Anniversary Edition artwork on the strap is available in a copper foil or natural stamp.
– 100% sourced and handmade in the USA.

Made in USA.

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