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Sneaker brands: Diadora, 1083 Sneakers, Barons Papillom, Bourgeois Boheme, Caulain court, Cienta, Department of Finery, Ector, Gola, Greats, JAK, Koio, Kost Paris, Le Coq Sportif, Luhmen, Manebi, New Balance, Norman Walsh UK, Oliver Cabell, Pompeii, Sonra, Startas, Tisza, Velasca, Vor, Zeha.

The list is in alphabetical order. This page has been updated on Friday. 19 July 2019.

Sneakers made in Croatia


Made in Vukovar, Croatia
Established. 1976
Location. Vukovar, Croatia
Products. Canvas slip on sneakers

Startas has a very long and unique history. It began in 1931 with the birth of the parent company 'Borova'. Borova is Croatia’s oldest shoe producer. They were also one the of the first to make vulcanised shoes in the world. Startas first produced world-class table tennis shoes which were worn at the Olympics. Afterward, Startas went on to produce slip-on sneakers which were very well known in the region and millions were sold internationally until the Balkans war which had a devastation effect on the company. They had to basically start from scratch. Startas made a comeback in the late 2000s and redesigned their brand and presented it once again to the world. Their shoes are still manufactured using the same technology and they are designed by Mauro Massarotto. Available in very hipster and cool designs they now sell more than a million pairs each year to the USA, Spain, Australia and are expanding every year. Quite a success story.



Sneakers made in England


Gola have a selection of limited edition sneakers made in Rawtenstall, England
Established. 1905
Location. England
Gola products. Canvas sneakers for men and women

With the demand for retro sports footwear, Gola has released a selection of classic sneakers designs made in England. Gola is easily remembered by those who lived through the ABBA years. Especially the 60-80s. They were famously worn by Liverpool FC stars and were seen on major football club pitches. They were purchased by Jacobson Group and have expanded their product range to also include apparel. Gola is a quintessentially British icon that has successfully united classic and modern designs in their footwear range.


New Balance has a selection of sneakers made in Cumbria, UK
Established. 1906
Location. Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Products. Sports footwear manufacturer of running shoes and lifestyle shoes


Made in England
Established. 1961
Founder. Norman Walsh
Location. Bolton, England

Norman Walsh has a long history of seeing their shoes being present in different environments from mountain ranges to the Olympics.Over the past 60 years this brand has been famous for crafting mountain running shoes and soccer shoes for the Olympics. They have 9 sneaker styles that range from vintage to modern designs.


Sneakers made in France


Made in Romans-sur-Isère, France
Established. 2013
Founder. Thomas
1083 Products. Jeans, sneakers, sandals and clothing for men and women.

1083 is a French company that makes Jeans and shoes eco-designed and manufactured within 1083 km from you. Meaning if you are in France then for sure the products from this brand will be within that distance. 1083 have 10 styles of sneakers made from different materials and colours.

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Made in France
Established. 2013
Founder. Eric Lemaitre
Location. Paris, France
Barons Papillom Products. Luxury leather sneakers for women and men

Barons Papillom sneakers embody French design and craftsmanship. The sneakers are made from luxury fabrics that are carefully sought after and this French sneaker brand has been worn by many French celebrities and personalities. The designs are also very practical, with one sneaker you don’t need to unlace to put on or take off the shoe. However it still has laces! Many of the sneakers are made the finest of leather but they also carry a vegan sneakers collection.


Made in Romans-sur-Isère, France
Ector products. Sneakers for men and women made from recycled materials.

The Ector brand only requires 6 plastic bottles to make a pair of sneakers. These sneakers are designed and made specifically for the planet. They are each made in the shoemaking district of France, Romans Sur Isère. Ector participates in the SOEX Recycling shoe project whereby the soles of Ector sneakers are manufactured from the soles of recycled shoes. In the future, Ector is seeking to release a wind and rain resistant shoe. These sneakers are lightweight and airy with an innovative knitted technique in their assembly. Available in many colours for men and women.


A selection of Le Coq sneakers are made in France
Founder. Émile Camuset
Location. Entzheim, France
Le Coq products. Footwear, sporting goods and apparel

Le Coq Sportif has a collection of leather sneakers made in France. The name Le Coq Sportif means ' the athletic rooster'. Similarly, a symbol that is commonly used as a national emblem of France is the Coq Gaulois (the Gallic Rooster). The brand is now famous for this rooster trademark.


Made in Romans-sur-Isère, France
Location. Paris, France
Products. Leather sneakers

Luhmen is an independent sneaker brand that design all their sneakers in Paris and make them in Romans-sur-Isère.This region is the historical capital of French footwear. All the materials used to create these bold and comfortable sneakers are sourced from Europe: France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Luhmen has a range of different sneakers for both men and women.


Sneakers made in Germany


Made in Düssin, Germany
Established. 1980's
Founders. Lars and Ulf Lunge
Lunge products. Men's and women's running sneakers, leather sneakers.

Lunge are specialists in running shoes designed and made in Germany. They have more than 9 styles of sneakers crafted specifically for different athletic activities whether it be walking, or running. Lunge also has a leather sneaker range.


Made in Munich, Germany
Established. 2010
Founders. Joerg Rohwer-Kahlmann and Andreas Klingseisen
Location. Munich, Germany
Products. Premium leather sneakers

VOR is an independent sneaker brand from Germany.Both founders have a wealth of knowledge and designed with some big mainstream sneaker labels.They produce a wide range of styles in by low cut and high-top sneakers in different leather texture and colours. VOR sneaker styles have successful designs differences that share similar style yet different enough to suit many customers of different age groups.


Made in Germany
Established. 2016
Founder. Hikmet Sugoer
Location. Munich, Germany
Products. Premium limited quantity German made sneakers

Founder, Hikmet Sugoer is the very talented mastermind behind this label. Sonra create limited edition sneakers that are highly sought after and don't stay online for long due to their limited production per sneaker style. Their styles and colours vary greatly and all share a bold yet timeless design. They use locally sourced materials.


Sneakers made in Hungary



Made in Hungary
Established. 1971
Location. Budapest, Hungary
Tisza products. Sneakers, sandals, and accessories.

Tisza is a Hungarian sneaker shoe brand that existed during the communist era. The Tisza factory was well known for producing rubber sole - vulcanized sneakers and shoes. They even produced sneakers for French Adidas. Over the past decade Tisza has experienced a great resurgence in their sneakers and in 2003, the Clash company bought the rights of the Tisza trademark and have since reproduced the old style sneakers and also brand new sneaker designs for children, women and men.


Sneakers made in Italy


Made in Italy
Established. 2013
Founder. Melissa Butera
Location. Melbourne, Australia
Products. Leather sneakers and leather goods

Founded and based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The founder of Department of Finery had several years of experience in the shoe business before launching DOF. They produce sneakers, boots and sandals with an ever expanding array of styles to choose from.Their sneaker styles vary greatly from leopard prints to minimal trendy white leather sneakers.

Diadora Heritage Camaro H Italia W Cranberry

Diadora has a selection of sneakers made in Caerano di San Marco, Italy
Established. 1948
Founder. Marcello Danieli
Location. Caerano di San Marco, Italy
Products. Footwear, Sportswear, Accessories

Diadora first released a mountain climbing boot in the 1950s. The company grew for its success and expanded to tennis and running shoes. They have recently experienced a revival in their sneakers and currently have a collection made in Italy.


Made in Italy
Established. 2008
Founder. Alexis Lafont
Location. Paris, France
Caulain Court products. Leather sneakers, leather boots, dress shoes, and leather goods

It doesn't take long to realise Caulain Court sneakers are the luxury sneakers. Materials used include calfskin, merino sheep wool lining. Caulain Court sneakers are artisan shoes designed in France and hand made in Italy. Caulain Court also showcases derbies, boots, small leather accessories, loafers, espadrilles, and custom made shoes. They have a selection of more than 10 lasts for their shoes and more than 5 construction types. This brand is for the true shoe connoisseur.


Made in Italy
Established. 2012
Founder. Enrico Casati, Jacopo Sebastio
Location. Milan, Italy
Products. Leather sneakers and shoes for men

Velasca has a very wide men's shoe range from boots, sneakers, loafers, monk-straps, and dress shoes. Established by 2 friends in Italy, Velasca is named after the Velasca Tower in Milan. Whereby the 2 founders were having coffee looking at the tower and thought of starting a shoe brand. Their sneakers range in more than 5 elegant and smart casual styles. Sneakers are made from full-grain leather or suede leather in many colours.


Made in Italy
Established. 2013
Founders. Jon Buscemi and Ryan Babenzien
Location. Brooklyn, New York, USA
Greats products. Leather sneakers for men and women

Greats sneakers designed in New York, USA and made in Italy. They initially only stocked sneakers for men but expanded their range to include women's sizes. Their signature sneakers are the Royale Low Top. They are also are rare sneaker brand which offers half sizes on many styles. The name Greats originated directly from trying to find a brand name from that particular word and then choosing that very word itself.


Sneaker made in Portugal



Made in Marche, Italy
Established. 2014
Founders. Chris Wichert and Johannes Quodt
Location. New York, USA
KOIO products. Leather sneakers for men and women

Made from calfskin leathers in the famous area of Marche, Italy, KOIO offer the classic set of staple sneakers for everyone. Their styles are smart-casual-elegant and they have a steady design supply of plain coloured sneakers in addition to material differences such as metallic, perforated and also new styles. For example, they recently released retro-styled runners. KOIO sneakers are designed in New York, USA and made in Italy.

french made sneakers kost paris sacsons

Kost Pais has a selection of shoes made in France and Portugal.
Established. 2009
Location. Paris, France
Kost Paris products. Leather boots, derby shoes, retro-running sneakers.

Kost Paris has a wide selection of men's and women's shoes. Boots and dress shoes are made in France and Kost Paris sneakers are made in Portugal. Kost Paris sneakers have one classic low top sneaker style made from nubuck leather with a very handy removable sole. They are available in 4 colours.


Made in Portugal
Established. 1897
Founder. Carl Habner in Weida
Location. Berlin, Germany
Zeha products. Boots, dress shoes, sneakers.

Zeha was founded in the late 1800s in East Germany before major international sneakers came onto the market. This German sneaker brand was the supplier for the Olympics in the mid-1900s.


Made in Portugal


Made in Portugal
Established. 2014
Founder. Isabel and José Maria
Location. Lisbon, Portugal
Products. Leather sneakers for men and women

JAK sneakers are designed in Lisbon, Portugal and handmade in Portugal. This Portuguese sneaker brand is famous for its signature shoe: Atom sneaker. It is made from one piece of leather which means there is no visible stitching and joints. Made from calfskin, a shockproof inner sole and with cotton laces. It is a creative masterpiece. JAK carries both a men's and women's sneaker line. They also recently started a socks line.


Sneakers made in Spain


Made in La Rioja, Spain
Established. 2012
Founder. Antonello Benati
Location. Milan, Italy
Products. Espadrilles shoes, sneakers, beachwear clothing.

Designer Antonello Benati is the founder of Manebi sneakers. These sneakers are designed in the headquarters location in Milan, Italy and manufactured in the famous shoemaking Spanish district: La Rioja, Spain. Manebi uses European material suppliers and their products range from sandals, espadrilles and their best selling products are their sneakers. They also sell bikinis and beachwear products.


Oliver Cabell

Made in Spain
Established. 2018
Founder. Scott Gabrielson
Location. Los Angeles, USA
Oliver Cabell products. Leather sneakers for men and women

Oliver Cabell is renowned for its signature sneaker: Low 1 sneaker.
Available in white, grey, black and made from full-grain calfskin leather from Veneto, Italy, with a removable sole.
Oliver Cabell sneakers are designed in New York, USA and made in Spain from high-quality European fabrics with sneakers hand-stitched and lasted in Albacete, Spain.


Made in Arnedo, Spain
Established. 1982
Location. Arnedo, Spain
Ciento products. Canvas sneakers for men, women and children


Made in Spain
Established. 2014


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