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That moment you feel your toes are wet. The splitting of the rubber in rubber boots is a major cause of the rubber boot leaks and isn’t it the worst when it happens. Low rubber content in boots is the primary reason for splitting. Low-cost rubber boots have less rubber because natural rubber is expensive. We found a European made boot which is another option for those interested in wearing nice looking but very practical and comfy boots.

Gum Leaf is located in England. The founder had a history in agriculture and as a farmer, till he set up this impressive rubber boots company. 

Company. ‘Gumleaf’
– Founder. Alistair Paterson 
– British based private company 
– Designed in Norfolk, England.
– All gum leaf boots are made from a natural product powered by wood chips that power the factory reducing their carbon footprint. 

Product. Invicta Side-Vent Wellington Boot
– Colour.Olive Green
–  Material. Natural rubber
– Lining. 4mm neoprene
– Sole. Vibram® high-performance sole with all-terrain grip
– Size guide. Size 39 – calf 44 cm – height 43 cm – will come 40 cm up your leg
– The side vent and buckle allow a perfect fit and the boot.

Origin. Made in Europe

Shipping. International shipping available

Price. £125.00
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