Authentic products designed and made around the world.

Handcrafted in NZ. Lifetime guarantee. 

There is not one single product from this company that we are not completely impressed with. For both quality and aesthetics.

This private company dates back to 1946. And a random fact? They have a long association with horse polo team, ocean sailing and they dressed the famous New Zealand All Blacks and the country’s 2012 Olympic Team. 

The level of social responsibility Rodd & Gunn undertake with their company management is very impressive. Their policies and social reports are all on display and transparent to the public on their website. 

Woodstock Satchel:  Traditional style satchel is a classic design that is perfect for laptops and tablet devices. These bags will only get more beautiful with age. It has a lifetime guarantee, Made from 100% Italian leather. Dimensions: W = 35cm, D = 8.5cm, H = 30cm

Made in New Zealand

At the time of viewing this product was nz$799
International shipping available.

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