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Made in Vukovar, Croatia
Location. Vukovar, Croatia
Startas products. Canvas slip on sneakers

Startas has a very long and unique history. It began in 1931 with the birth of the parent company ‘Borova’. Borova is Croatia’s oldest shoe producer. They were also one the of the first to make vulcanised shoes in the world. Startas first produced world-class table tennis shoes which were worn at the Olympics. Afterward, Startas went on to produce slip-on sneakers which were very well known in the region and millions were sold internationally until the Balkans war which had a devastation effect on the company. They had to basically start from scratch. Startas made a comeback in the late 2000s and redesigned their brand and presented it once again to the world. Their shoes are still manufactured using the same technology and they are designed by Mauro Massarotto. Available in very hipster and cool designs they now sell more than a million pairs each year to the USA, Spain, Australia and are expanding every year. Quite a success story.

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